Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Blood sweat and heels this week was mildly mellow but I'm not gonna lie there were a few moments when we saw some of that rachet behaviour displayed on reality TV. Don't get me wrong rachet I love it addicted to reality TV is something I'm not ashamed off.

Back to the episode

First the episode starts with Daisy dancing with her wigs then we see Mica throwing hers away. it was nicely done and I think an I nd er trying message was there but you all will have to get your own #Scoop  on that one.

Mica such a character-that pole fail was hilarious only Mica could pull it off. #Sorrygirl
I seen a change in Mica and i hope those ladies didn't beat the turn up out of her.... Mica was one of th we realist characters on the first season.She was you Mica

As we know reports from sights like TMZ and every other blogger with the inside scoops GENEVA was arrested -"I'm not angry I just stick up for myself." hmm

"it wasn't about your race it was about your face." I fell off the bed .. Channelled has brought a little British spice to the show and shows she is no stranger to th hoping shade who defending herself. Sorry #AFGHANHOUND I mean Arzo until next week.. believe me I'm not bias, we live in 2015 and she's hiding her boyfriend because he's black, don't date him then. No respect from me you might as well have said I duck with you but I don't duck with you. In the middle of an all black cast how do you feel? more to the point how do your family feel? #SHADE

Demitria for some reason intrigues me I don't know if it's the writer connection or just her blasé attitude. well I haven't figured it out yet when I do I will blog it.
Did not like that comment about Daisy only being nice due to sickness. Not nice Demist ria.

I think Daisy spirt truly shines and she is dealing with this cancer like a gladiator and I pray she maintains strength and claims victory in the end. Stay strong..

Was it just me or was Melyssa very vocal in her judgemeng of Geneva whnee she just finished her play all about the judgemwnts based upon her life as a video vixen..

Melyssa also let on Daisy's truth at dinner although the ladies didn't focus on it if I was Daisy I would have wanted the ground to swallow me whole when Arzo hugged her with condolences. but that ain't none of my business though.

well I will be waiting for next week.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015


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Now I must admit I drunk up every episode already. But for my other Black British counterparts screaming for black representations on TV we finally have an ALL BLACK CASTED show with explosive talent.

This is an open door

Now expect great things from the characters of the U.S hit show and enjoy the ride.

Monday, 27 April 2015


Well as I expected the reunion to be a he said she said fest but I loved it anyway. 
I wasn't impressed with this season or Nene's attitude but this reunion may change that.

Get Ready for part 2 

Who looked better ?

Porsha Williams #snatched                          Kenya Moore #twirl 

Sunday, 26 April 2015

First Review Tomorrow.....

Love And Hip Altanta Season 4 episode 2 ....

Introducing The Phat Pack

Well this is my first blog ..I'm new to this so be easy..

It has taken a while for me to start this home of reality TV reviews, updates, the books to read and social forum.

So get ready for what is about to come....